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We will not bore you with clichés, such as how we are always the best, quickest, cheapest and most professional agency. Naturally we aim to provide you with the best possible (translation) services and to enter into a long-term and durable partnership with you. Raccourci translation agency is further characterised by honest advice and a transparent pricing system. You can find detailed information about our services simply and easily on this brand-new website.

Vertaaldiensten Vertaalbureau Raccourci

Translation services

For the past 20 years we have been providing quality translations for a variety of international businesses and organisations. Our team consists solely of experts with an affection for language. We have a passion for our profession and you will see that! We have worked with many customers for over 15 years.


  • Our personal approach and our passion for providing a customer-oriented service
  • Our strict selection procedures for finding the right translators
  • Our thorough quality control, focused on satisfied customers
  • Quality translations at a competitive rate
  • The many satisfied customers who have gone before you

Interpreting services

For crystal clear communication!

Whether regarding a multi-lingual congress, corporate event, product presentation, conference or a legal matter, Raccourci has a network of highly qualified interpreters at its disposal with the right professional expertise for any occasion. Please feel free to enquire about our interpreting services.


  • Strict selection procedures for finding the right (sworn) interpreter
  • Complete solution: interpreting equipment and personal, customised service
  • A clear process with competitive rates
  • The many satisfied customers who have gone before you


Texts that hit the spot …

It will be no surprise that with our team of experts and their passion for language Raccourci also offers copywriting services. If you are looking for texts that bring your ideas to life then we can deliver engaging copy encompassing the right emotion and filled with the right intention.

Contact us for all the ins & outs.


  • Extensive briefing
  • The power of simplicity: clear texts with impact
  • A close team of copywriting talents, each with their own speciality
  • Rewriting: if you give your text a C, we will turn it into an A!
  • The many satisfied customers who have gone before you

calculate your costs

The word rate is based on the language combination, the subject and volume of the translation.
The rule of thumb is: the more obscure the language, the higher the rate.
As we take translation seriously, we offer different rates for different languages, for different texts and also for the different services.

Language combination:
Quality control:
iGlobal revision: When the translation is finished, it undergoes a global revision. This means it is given a general check, resulting in a competitive rate for you. Full revision: You can also choose to have a full revision performed by an experienced revisor (your text will be checked in detail). In both cases, your texts will be translated by highly educated and experienced translators (native speakers).

Hoog niveau

Bureau Raccourci een fantastische partner als het gaat om vertalingen! Verschillende keren hadden wij in een aantal dagen een vertaling Nederlands-Frans nodig van een beëdigde vertaler. Het ging om pittige documenten in juridische taal. Als je Raccourci belt is het even een zucht : ‘moet het dan al klaar zijn? Komt u het maar brengen, wij doen ons best.’ Als zij zich dan kwaad maken, zorgen zij er dan gewoon voor dat het tijdig gereed is! Een geweldige inzet! Bovendien is de kwaliteit van het geleverde werk ook van hoog niveau! Voor ons het ideale vertaalbureau!

– Johan Kaashoek, directeur Melkweg Holland B.V.

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