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Do you require a translation of your Dutch book or publication so that you can publish it abroad? Or vice versa? And what should you pay attention to? Our translation agency is specialised in translating educational books, magazines, non-fiction and scientific publications. The first step is choosing a translation agency specialised in translating books in your genre.

The right translator for your non-fiction books

Book translation

Translating non-fiction requires some initial research to check the accuracy of the proposed facts. We are not dealing with a fantasy world but a verifiable reality or, in the case of texts on philosophical or religious topics, with clear assumptions or convictions. A translator of non-fiction has to deal with names, terms, concepts and data that refer to real events, living people and cultural, social or political themes. The translator must reproduce these correctly in the translation, which requires the requisite research. These could include names of people or organisations, geographical indications (countries, regions or even rivers) and terms specifically related to the topic. Trained in both the investigative work as well as maintaining a neutrality and invisibility as writers, our translators do justice to the text while fully respecting their native language.

Preparation and collaboration 

Translating non-fiction requires research, gathering information and reading additional texts about the applicable topic. Fact checking is indispensable in this process, even if the facts mentioned are secondary and play no additional role in the text. We pay attention to maintaining a consistent style and pleasant legibility. Furthermore, it is good to know that we always go through the source text and inform you of any spelling and/or language errors. With book translations, we generally require more contact with the author or publisher than with other translation specialisations.

Book translation? Request a test translation first

When translating a book, there needs to be a rapport between the client and the translator. In particular, when it comes to finding the right tone and style. That is why we always offer you the option to have a test translation done. Based on the translation of a few pages of your book, we can make clear agreements about the desired approach, you can provide feedback and propose adjustments before we translate your whole book. Would you like to take advantage of this service? Then please feel free to contact our translation agency and we can arrange a test translation. You can also take a look at our copywriting services.

  • Practical documents (catalogues, manuals, cook books, travel guides) 
  • Reference works (general or specialised encyclopaedias)
  • Educational and scientific papers (text books, academic publications) 
  • Journalistic texts
  • Philosophical and religious texts
  • (Auto-)biographies