Commercial translations

Commercial translations: striking the right note

Commercial translations: hitting the nail on the head!
If you want to seriously compete with other similar companies and businesses you need to have your brochures, website and/or leaflets translated.

Commercial translations

It is only then that you will really be competitive in the international market. You distinguish yourself in one fell swoop with your translated document when compared to a competitor that a customer cannot approach in their own language.
A perfect commercial translation, which makes the customer enthusiastic, convinces and triggers to action, contributes substantially to the success of your marketing strategy.

Corporate translation with flair

The persuasiveness of a commercial document lurks in the direct and commercial style inherent to your marketing and sales world.
Translating such documents not only requires perfect knowledge of the source and target languages but also a large dose of creativity to perfectly convey your commercial message and to entice customers.

Commercial translators know their trade

A commercial translation is entirely different to a legal or technical translation.

Translating marketing texts requires a specific approach.
Translations of commercial texts need to do more than simply be appealing and direct, they must also be aligned to your products or services and aimed at your target group. Our translators convey your message and style in their commercial translations so that your potential foreign customers get a feel for your products and services. A commercial translation is the key to a successful international advertising campaign.
Where possible, the translator provides a direct translation of your text. Where required, he or she takes more freedom to give your text the same impact in the other language.
The end result conveys your message in the most efficient way to your prospect or customer.
Raccourci offers you the guarantee that your translations will hit the nail on the head. Raccourci translates your commercial texts for a competitive rate.

The texts we can translate include:

  • Advertisements
  • Brochures
  • Promotional communications
  • Commercials
  • Instruction manuals
  • News letters
  • Marketing plans
  • Press releases
  • Staff magazines
  • Presentations
  • Product specifications
  • Speeches
  • Magazines
  • Training materials
  • Aircraft advertisements