French, German, English and Spanish Copywriting

We can also be of service when you do not have a source text but do require an appealing, creative or commercial text in one of the above languages. Or, perhaps, you have plenty of ideas but no time to put pen to paper. Then it is a good idea to use a copywriting service.

Based on your briefing, a native copywriter (text writer) will draw up a text that meets your needs. Our management team will select a translator who is specialised in the subject and type of text concerned and one who will not only consider the linguistic and/or cultural aspects of the corresponding language but also the country where the text will be read.

“Wie is er niet groot mee geworden?” (Who didn’t grow up big and strong on it?) is the wonderful slogan from the Dutch peanut butter manufacturer Calvé, and it demonstrates a great piece of successful copywriting. In order to have the same effect and success in a different language you require a native copywriter, rather than a translator, who focuses on the foreign target audience.

To improve your Google ranking you need a catchy title and description of your site so that potential customers will be more likely to click on your title than that of your competitors.

How it works?

The title tag and the description are the meta tags that appear in the search engines. It is therefore important that you have an appealing text that encourages people to click on it.
Look at these two titles:
1. Janssen solar boilers | home
2. New customers receive a 15% discount on all our products

Which one would you click on?

If you continually generate more clicks than the link ranked above you, you will move up in the rankings.
With the above we want to indicate how incredibly important it is to employ a professional copywriter if you want to attract the interest of foreign prospects and convert them into customers.

When you choose Raccourci for your copywriting you can be assured we will provide you with a text that hits the spot. We will be more than happy to tell you about our accurate working methods and our competitive rates.