Financial translations

You don’t like risks. Neither do we.
Perhaps more than with any other subject field, translating financial statements and annual accounts demands direction.

Financial translations

Call on the financial translators at Raccourci who have legal backgrounds and knowledge of the jargon used in the financial worlds and who know the important differences between the country of the source and that of the target language with regards to the tax systems, legal forms and legislation etc. Confidentiality is also essential with such documents. All our translators sign a confidentiality clause.

Small details with major financial consequences

With blurring borders and the internationalisation of many companies (globalisation) there is a logical increase in the demand for translations of financial documents.
Making mistakes, when the texts often regard large economic interests, is therefore inconceivable: the financial consequences can be immense and disastrous.

A financial document must therefore be translated with full professional expertise, the utmost precision and consistency.
The smallest details are of vital importance and of course, this does not only apply to financial translations. Even a dot or comma in the wrong place can have severe consequences. We therefore never underestimate the importance of implementing small changes.

Financial translators with a feel for figures and letters

We only entrust financial documents to translators with a financial background. Our financial translators are reliable and highly educated specialists in the fields of finance, taxation and economics and translate systematically to their native language. They have the requisite competencies to deliver financial translations of the highest quality. Expertise in the field, strong knowledge of the terminology, utmost precision and reliability are essential. In order to ensure that all details are correct, a translated text is always checked by an independent reviser for numerical correctness, completeness, grammar, spelling and accuracy.

We can translate the following financial documents for you or your organisation, among others:

  • Share transfers
  • Balance sheets
  • Tax declarations
  • Tax objections and appeals
  • Business plans
  • Contracts
  • Financial annual reviews
  • Financial software
  • Mortgage deeds
  • Internal audits
  • Annual reports
  • Shareholders’ meeting minutes
  • Quotes
  • Policies
  • Prospectuses
  • Shareholders’ meeting reports
  • Profit and loss statements