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Translations to English, logical; German, essential!

The English and German languages are required in about 90% of companies in the Netherlands. Germany is by far the Netherland’s most important trade partner.

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You come into contact with German clients and partners everywhere. Not only in Germany but also in Austria and parts of Switzerland, Northern Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg; and German is the main language in small parts of Eastern Belgium and Eastern France.

Marketing translations

“Germans expect all communications in German. You shouldn’t bother presenting them with an English brochure or English contract”.

Do you need your website, promotional materials, brochures or presentation translated?
Poorly translated marketing materials can endanger your marketing strategy. That is why we allocate your texts to a creative translator with an excellent affinity with the German language, culture and the consumer behaviour in the countries concerned.

A well-written German text

Golden rule: a well-written German text is your business card in Germany.

You never know
Wrong: Du weißt mal nie
Correct: Man kann nie wissen.

“SMEs miss a lot of turnover in Germany because they make language blunders, one after the other. Many Dutch think they are quite adept at German, but it is often ‘Denglisch’. In business, that means you could really miss the mark.”

German translations by the best translators

The Raccourci German translation agency has an extensive network of experienced translators who have gone through the most stringent selection procedures in the field. Your translations are provided by our colleagues in Germany and your texts are translated according to German quality standards.

Raccourci German translation agency: German translations for a friendly rate!

If you are looking for a reliable German translation agency that can provide you with a high-quality Dutch-German or German-Dutch translation for a realistic and friendly price, then as a specialised German translation agency we can provide you with excellent service in this field.

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