Interpreting services for the OCT-EU conference in Aruba

Interpretation services in English-French for the OCT-EU conference onAruba about sustainable energy, climate change and Brexit.


From 22 February to 24 February 2017, the 15 th OCT-EU conference on Aruba was held on various pressing topics.
Sustainable energy, dealing with the risks of climate change, and rather importantly, the relations among the countries after Brexit were main topics.

The conference was attended by three prime ministers of the Caribbean countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands: Mike Eman (Aruba), William Marlin (Sint-Maarten) and Hensley Koeiman (Curaçao). The Dutch Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations Ronald Plasterk, also attended.
The OCT-EU is the union that consists of the LGO countries and the concerned European Union countries.

Client about the interpretation services: Our findings are very good.

In the brief time frame we had available to us, we were able to complete the organisation of the interpretation services and the interpreters fulfilled their tasks with great competence!

We received nothing but positive reactions. Dyon Lutter 28.02.17

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