“Quality should never be pot luck, but the result of a comprehensive working method.”

Accredited translation agency

Raccourci stands for quality, expertise, reliability and integrity. In order to guarantee you that quality, the Raccourci translation agency is a member of the VViN (Vereniging Vertaalbureaus in Nederland – Association of Translation Agencies in the Netherlands), the umbrella organisation of Dutch translation agencies.

This association applies stringent entrance requirements, which means that with Raccourci you are assured high-quality (translation) services.

Quality control system

We expressly present ourselves as a quality agency and we achieve that through a comprehensive quality control system. Our management team works with a large global network of highly qualified translators, copywriters and interpreters. Our management team only includes language specialists who meet our quality requirements in our database. Our project managers then select the right language specialist for each project.

After the translation, the final step is a linguistic revision. This means that each translation is scrutinised by at least two translators: a translator who translates the text and a second translator/reviser who is responsible for the ‘final editing’. This includes thoroughly checking the translation for completeness, interpretation, terminology, style, spelling, grammar and layout. This formula enables us to guarantee quality.

First-class language experts

We consider the best advertisement for our company to be our people. These professionals are what make Raccourci a great business. We only work with highly qualified native speakers who are specialised in their field and who are language experts with the right qualifications, background and experience.

Quality assurance for your assignment

We guarantee a professional, effective translation according to your instructions. If despite all the proper preparations and care something is not as you desire, we will of course solve it for you immediately. We take any complaints or queries very seriously. We are at your service until the translation fully meets your requirements. Our translators and editors can propose alternatives if required. We consider this aftercare as an integral part of the translation process; and of course, it is at no extra charge.