Revisions and Transcriptions

Revising a translated text or a text written in the target language

You may have already translated your text yourself or you have written a text in a foreign language, but you question whether the end result is correct. Sometimes an internal member of staff does a translation but they are not a native speaker of the target language. In these cases, it is prudent to have the text checked by a professional translator. Raccourci can check whether the grammar and spelling are correct. When you send us the source text, we can also check that the content has been interpreted correctly in the translation.
Revisions generally take less time than translations. The exact amount of time required to revise your text depends on the quality of the source text. Based on your document, we can determine the price and turnaround time for the revision in advance. This means you will not face any unpleasant surprises afterwards.
Your text will be handled by experienced native speakers who will check the grammar, sentence structure, punctuation and word choice, as well as uniformity of style and coherency of the document.
The types of documents we revise include: • Emails • Business memos • Product texts • Web pages • Marketing texts • Blogs • Document localisation • White papers


A text may require linguistic changes in the use of grammar, the sentence structures, punctuation or word choice. Our qualified revisers can provide a uniform style and coherent document by restructuring paragraphs, using synonyms and references etc.
Numerous things can also be improved in the context. Consider logical flow, information content, the structure of the text and applying localisation for example. Raccourci will ensure that you have a good text, both linguistically and contextually.


Typing out a spoken text (transcription) is a highly intensive job. Transcribing a recorded conversation or discussion demands the requisite expertise and language knowledge. We can provide you with transcriptions of various types, for example witness statements, meetings and readings etc. Send us a CD or hyperlink of the audio recording and we will put your words on paper. We can also provide a translation of the text for you if required.