Technical translations

Technical texts:

Technical translations demand extensive knowledge of applied technologies. Our technical translators are specialised in one or more technical fields. Moreover, they are also qualified translators. A technical translator only translates to their native language. And prior to delivery, every translation is checked by one of our qualified revisers.

Solar Mirror located in the Solar Collector Laboratory at the Lewis Research Center, now known as John H. Glenn Research Center
Solar Mirror located in the Solar Collector Laboratory at the Lewis Research Center, now known as John H. Glenn Research Center

Translation memories

For technical companies it is essential that technical terms be translated perfectly and consistently. It is for that reason that Raccourci uses translation memories.
Technical terms, specific to your company or sector, are stored in the memories. Throughout the years, we have collected an impressive number of reference materials and we continue learning. Technical translations are perfectly suitable for maintaining and using terminology lists.
If required, the client or party for whom the translation is destined can check the applicability of the lists. As our client, you can also provide your own terminology list; you are then assured the translation will include the general terms specific to your sector or organisation. This is also important for your projects in the longer term.
You can come to Raccourci for translations of product specifications, manuals, safety regulations and instructional materials, among other things.

Technical translations: often not more expensive but cheaper

As well as translating your text well and consistently, a translation memory provides you with a discount. We can readily apply discounts to technical translations because of repeated fragments, such as in an instruction manual. You pay less for repetitions than for a text that needs to be translated from scratch.

These discounts can build up, for example, when translating a catalogue or product lists.
With these types of texts, a translation memory also generates great timesaving. If you would like more information, please contact us. We are more than happy to convince you of the value of working with Raccourci.

English source text

If you would like your technical text translated to an East European language or a non-European language, then it is cheaper to provide your document in English. We can have the technical translation translated in the country concerned. Translators working from Dutch to these language combinations are rare and apply higher word rates. It is also better for the quality of your translations, because with an English source text we have a larger pool of translators and can therefore select translators who are even more suitable for your text.

DTP: Desk Top Publishing

DTP is a term for placing text in a specific layout. DTP is required when you don’t want your translated text delivered in Word or Excel, but in a certain layout, such as for a leaflet or packaging materials. In that case, Raccourci will select a DTP expert to deliver your text in the desired format. Furthermore, if you also ask us to read your print proof sheet, we will re-read and check all texts for line breaks etc. so that you can send your files directly to the printer. Ask us about the possibilities.

Documents requiring a sworn translation:

  • Tenders
  • Building specifications
  • Construction drawings
  • Contracts
  • Data sheets
  • Operating instructions
  • Manuals
  • Instructional materials
  • Parts catalogues
  • Survey reports
  • Patents
  • Product specifications
  • Regulations
  • Safety sheets
  • Service booklets
  • Technical documents
  • Technical reports
  • Safety instructions
  • Workplace documentation
  • Work procedures