Traductions for private individuals

Raccourci: Also for private individuals

At our translation agency, every customer receives the same quality, service and expertise whether you are a large multinational or a private individual. We will be more than happy to help if you require a translation. And for private individuals, our motto is: a quote is always free and non-binding, just like our expert advice is. Please feel free to call or mail us if you require a sworn translation, a certified translation or standard translation. We have been providing translations for private individuals for over twenty years!

A quick and easy translation process for you as a private individual 

If you want a thesis or will and testament translated and would like us to make a cost estimate, then it is helpful for us to view your document first. You can complete the quote form on our quote for translation services page. On that page, you can also upload the text and indicate precisely which services you require. You can select your desired language. Nearly every language combination is possible! We also have certified translators available for all languages. We can, therefore, provide you with certified translations of official documents as well as standard translations.

Upload your document
Receive our free quote
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Receive your translation online or by post

Transparent rates for translations for private individuals 

Just like with translations for companies, institutions or NGOs, we use various rates for translations for private individuals depending on the nature of your text and the language combinations. We do not guarantee the lowest price but we do offer competitive rates for the very highest quality. Do you require a certified translation with an apostille or even legalisation? Our translation agency is ISO certified, which means our products, processes and services follow international standards. Of course, we always take your deadline into account.

Our Translation Agency can translate any type of document for you. The list below is a brief summary of some of the documents we translate. We can provide translations of for instance:

  • Certificates
  • CVs
  • Divorce decrees
  • Birth certificates
  • Wedding certificates
  • Passports
  • Driving licences
  • Financial documents
  • Wills and testaments
  • Others