Website translations


Website translations with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) applications

Does your website score inadequately in search engines?
You are offering great products or services but your website content is not appealing enough to convert your foreign visitors into customers?

Relevant and convincing web content of a high quality is one of the most essential elements in the strategy for search engine optimisation and conversion percentages for any website. The key is to create a perfectly balanced content that convinces both your target audience as the search engines.

But the question is, how do you write a powerful text that converts your website visitors into customers and that appeals to the search engines so they rank you and your company highly?

The texts we deliver are:

Aimed at your target audience – we do what is necessary to understand your customers and to tailor your copy to them.
Search engine friendly – we use strategic and natural key words and ensure your copy does not sound forced or repetitive.
Comprehensible and grammatically correct – our specialists have extensive experience in copywriting and editing content.

Aimed at generating conversions – we ensure your copy is read and understood.
Changes in the graphic text, colours and other elements in order to meet the style of a specific country.

At Raccourci we understand that translating IT texts requires accuracy: an error in the translation can quickly lead to a less favourable user experience.
That is why we only select real (SEO) specialists to work on your texts. They of course meet your specific wishes regarding length restrictions in the translation and use terminology that is perfectly aligned to your application and/or the use of your content management system. We can enter your translations straight into the original source files. We can directly translate file formats such as html, xml, xls without converting layers.
One available option is to work directly in your CMS or on your server. You can provide our translators with direct access to your CMS, whereby the translator can access all the texts and enter the translations themselves. If you would rather not give someone else access to your CMS, you can export the content from your CMS to an external file and the translator can translate in the file.