Oekraïne extra in ons hart!

Ook bij Raccourci maken we ons zorgen over de situatie in Oekraïne. Onze harten gaan uit naar onze Oekraïense collega’s hier in Nederland en naar hun familie, kennissen, vrienden en alle andere mensen in Oekraïne. Ons eigen business management system wordt al jaren op een zeer deskundige manier door het bedrijf Protemos in Oekraïne gerund. Een paar dagen geleden ontvingen wij het volgende bericht van hen. Wij hebben besloten om dit met jullie te delen.

Russia en Oekraïne

Dear Friends,

This is not a normal newsletter we normally send, so please read it till the end.
As you know, Russia declared war on Ukraine, and our team is located in different cities of Ukraine.
Our team is working too to ensure the stable support to our customer. But sometimes they may be interrupted by the alarms and have to hide into shelters. They even work from the basement sometimes. In such difficult times, we Ukrainians need your support to go through this: First of all have faith in us and continue using our service and before. In this way, you economically support us and our families, and the country. You are fighting on our side by using our service.Do not support Russian economy in any way. Do not buy their goods and services. As that money will be paying the war. Spread the word about Russian aggression to everyone you know. And make it clear to anyone who doubt: it is not a politics anymore, it is war of Russia against free independent country Ukraine. Push your governments to press the heaviest sanctions on them, as every dollar done in business with them is now soaked in blood.You may support Ukrainian army with donation:


Hun persoonlijk verhaal…

I know I might be asking too much. But I think I am entitled to do so after spending 2 nights in the basement with my 2 small children before I moved to the safer place, and after the windows in the flat of my parent-in-law got blown away from the explosion of rocket that hit the next building, and they lost their friends there. And after yesterday my mother-in-law called to say goodbye to my wife and to say that she loves her in case if it is their last talk (happily she is ok now, it was “just” the stress). So I am asking your help in stopping this madness, every input is important, even if it seems minor to you. And it is your safety too, as Putin won’t stop here. ..¤